About the Project

The Partner:

Aldeas Infantiles works in 132 countries to contribute to social development, as set out in the "Convention on the Rights of the Child", and to promote the exercise and respect for human rights worldwide. In Bolivia, Aldeas Infantiles SOS focus their intervention through a Child Centre run hand in hand with la Paz’ municipality which is responsible for infrastructure, furniture & foods.

The Project and Outcomes:

The communities reached by Aldeas Infantiles and their local Child Centres have identified the need to strengthen their programmes on the rights of children and their families, strengthen their technical capacities and develop educational modules that respond to the needs of the Child Centres.

Aldeas Infantiles has identified that by working with IS we can strengthen the capacities of the Child Centre (which is part of the local community). The current realities in Bolivia demonstrate a need to develop programmes with the participation of community in the areas of education, sexual and reproductive health, leadership and socio-economic development capacities that IS via the ICS scheme can contribute.

Aldeas Infantiles  has little experience in entrepreneurial communitarian project, so with the presence of ICS volunteers, we will be able to develop a new model of urban agriculture with the knowledge of the technical partner FOCAPACI.

Outcomes will include:

Development of an education programme about infant nutrition to improve diets and showcase how urban garden initiatives can contribute to child development.

Providing entrepreneurial skills to the members of the community

Improvement of nutrition

An educational programme for the kids at the centre

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