Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Volunteering and Participation for Inclusion

Hello!!! ☼

My name is Katherine Esther Aliaga Carbajal

I want to start off my blog by telling you a little bit about the past couple of weeks that I´ve been part of International Service and how I feel about this project - that I know many of you would like too - just like my team mates do when supporting this project.

It all started a Tuesday when I was told I was accepted for the Volunteering and Participation for Inclusion Project, and it felt amazing and extraordinary, I should say I was really happy. At the same time I didn´t really know how to take it, because my dad didn´t support me, later on though I sat with him and began explaining to him about the activities and about how excited I was of being able to participate and gain more experience related to people with disabilities, because they are people that have definitely taught me so much throughout my life experience. That´s how I managed to get my fathers’ support and at the same time also got the support from my mother and siblings. This is a very important step for me, in my personal life but also for my professional life, and I feel I got this opportunity because of ICS and because of my Team Leader Emma.   

This project is very important for our society because it’s related to people with disabilities and we are working for raising awareness with the community about it, and we know we have a long way to go. We know it’s a long path, but the team has decided to risk it and manage to work toward getting to the goal. Even though it won’t be completely achieved we will get to a percentage of the society and we will be very proud of it.

We are starting with the Best Buddies programme, a very nice programme about friendships forever where a persona with intellectual disability becomes friends with a persona without a disability, and they spend time together as any other group or pair of friends. We also meet with different partners in order to give support within their regular tasks, for example we met with AGORA and APRECIA, they work with people with visual disabilities and in some cases with people with multiple disabilities such as: intellectual, sensory, mental or physical.

I say goodbye to you, hoping you liked this blog where I described a little bit of our project called Volunteering and Participation for Inclusion, I also want to describe again how happy and fortunate I feel, about being part of this group of marvelous and honest people how show themselves just as they are and our Team Leader who is unique.

I am from the Mayor de San Andrés University and I study Social Work.

See you son  

Blog by: Katherine Aliaga Carbajal

Translated by: Emma Nowotny

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