Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My experience

This nice and gratifying experience is coming to an end, I feel I´ve learned a lot about topics that for me were unknown or I just didn´t care about, but after taking on this huge challenge when becoming part of the Volunteering and Participation for Inclusion project I know now my life will change. Keeping in mind I´m part of International Service, an INGO well known in the whole country, I feel happy regarding what I´ve learned and with what I gave of myself, to the activities that took place along with the Best Buddies Bolivia program. On top of it I had the chance to work with an amazing group of people.

Finding out about the moving stories of people who have to fight, with double the effort to be able to live in a world where society is full of barriers that make it harder for people with disabilities to achieve inclusion. Also meeting people who fight day by day to be included in daily activities or jobs with other people with or without disabilities, is what I lived throughout this time and has changed my way of thinking regarding this topic that to the date for some people it goes by unseen.

Working alongside other organizations that open their door to people with disabilities makes me feel that there are actually people and organizations that worry about inclusion focusing on training them and being able to teach them basic things so that later on they can gain self-confidence and fight for an inclusive lifestyle.

I think I have the basic tools to be able to raise awareness about what I have learned regarding people with disabilities and their rights. Sharing this nice experience with my work mates, and learning together to understand, interact and even sometimes being patient with some complicated cases we ran into Best Buddies Bolivia, thought me a lot.

The team I had the opportunity to work with, plan and share was great, because we all helped each other in activities that required our involvement, we were able to share and learn from one and other. I take with me great experiences and friendships and I know that at some point in the future we might be able to work together again, keeping the trust that characterized us throughout this time.

Finally after having spent 3 months learning y collaborating alongside International Service with the Volunteering and Participation for Inclusion Project, I take with me a great experience and great relationships, from which all the outstanding virtues and abilities have left a mark in me, and now I´ll take them with me so that I can be an active citizen and raise awareness within my daily context.

Blog by: Alejandro Cosulich

Translated by: Emma Nowotny Villegas

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