Monday, March 28, 2016


As time goes by and one starts to grow, you expect to better yourself with each passing day, to be able to say I made it. It is just amazing.

Every day I wake up at 5 am (living amongst mountains and closer to the sky is not easy, beautiful but complicated) I have to go on the same bus every day, spending 4 hours out of my day in a minibus listening to cumbias, wives gossiping, talking about things that didn’t get done, mothers advising their children, etc.

Arriving to my first stop where you can no longer see the mountains, where there are more buildings than houses, where perfumes are smothering and where chaos rules. When getting across the street I realize I´m close to my destiny (my university), when I´m done with my chores I go into the next set of responsibilities I have to fulfil, I go up the cable car again and that’s where the fun part starts; the ICS my second home, arriving and seeing my mates work, seeing the other teams giving their all is motivating, I might live far, I might fall asleep on the way home, I might lose 4 hours of my day in the minibus but I must say it´s worth it, so when someone says it´s not possible and there´s no time, I can only say to them: it’s a matter of will.  

These past months in the ICS made me realise there´s so much to do, a lot to work for and fight for, at the beginning it´s hard but with time it all gets better. In this process I learned that being a volunteer is not about dedicating your spare time but it is about giving your all in the time you have, being part of this team gave me the opportunity to trust in society again, there is still much to fight for, my future will no longer be the same because now I have new plans, plans I´ll work hard for to get great results. The world needs more people committed to make of it a better place.

Thanks ICS for giving us the chance to show our abilities and interests, for supporting the inclusion of people with disabilities, I´m committed that each day I´ll work harder to get the rights of people with disabilities respected and valued.

This experience has given me great friends, with them I can share dreams about what I want in the future, today I have discovered new passions and challenges and I feel proud of it. Just thinking about how I´ve been part of this volunteering brings a tear into my eye.

I want to thank my Team Leader Emma Nowotny for being such an able person, for being patient with us, positive and with a big heart, it´s beautiful to work like this, each day I learn more from her, thanks Emma and thanks to my team, it´s been a pleasure sharing with you all. Goodbye!

Blog by: Mishell Villegas Averanga

Translated by: Emma Nowotny Villegas

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