Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Arriving to the end

It has been two months since we began this adventure and now we are getting to the final round as ICS volunteers. There is no doubt that time has gone by really fast, but definitely all that I have learned during this time, is much more than what I expected. At the beginning I felt worried, because we had too much to do and so little time to do it, and I wasn´t sure if all the goal we had were actually going to be achieved successfully but, how wrong was I!!!

As time went by, all the pending work turned into completed tasks. We had positive results, thanks to the effort and time invested with my team. The Volunteering and Participation for Inclusion team managed to achieve the set goals and challenges left for us during these 12 weeks.  

As a team we managed to integrate everyone´s aptitudes and professional knowledge, and this way we had the advantage to do a complete job. But more than a work group we are a group of friends with a common goal: to contribute and generate positive change in the society, where everyone can enjoy from the same rights and live in an inclusive country. It`s clear we still have a long way to go, but everyday I´m more certain that the commitment we have, will contribute with a small drop into the ocean to such an important topic in our country as disabilities is.

During the whole volunteering experience we have developed different activities, amongst them, we participated in a workshop for the elaboration of an alternative report about disabilities, this will be presented in a reunion of people with disabilities worldwide, where a representative of each country will talk about how their government manages and works around this topic. At the same time, we helped with the activities developed with Best Buddies, a project seeking to include people with intellectual disabilities, throughout the development of friendship bonds with volunteers from the Catholic Bolivian University. We have also been part of meetings with some institutions the ICS works with so that, in a joined effort, these institutions can easily turn their weaknesses into strengths for an effective development of their activities.

Beyond all the acquired knowledge during these two months, I keep with me the best of this experience, which is having grown so much in a personal and also professional level, but above all the conviction and the will to keep on working for others has grown in me, either to keep on fighting for the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities, or to collaborate and work in what is in my reach regarding any trending topic that affects the development and equal access to opportunities suffered by various vulnerable sectors in Bolivia.

Thanks ICS for enriching and feeding my will to change the world even if it is with small collaborations that I know make a difference, and as Nelson Mandela said:  “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference”

Blog by: Lucia Pantoja Obando

Translated by: Emma Nowotny Villegas

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