Thursday, February 25, 2016

My experience as part of International Service

My experience as part of International Service so far has been very productive , because not only do I get to learn new things about people with disabilities both physical and intellectual, but also I am part of a very dynamic team and very committed with the project and with the work focused on inclusion of people with disabilities. I am responsible of fundraising and I focus on finding future partners that will help carry on the activities we have, on top of promoting and creating activities that will get the partners and the people with disabilities involved, these would be carried on from my task of intermediary once the goals have been set.   

I was part of a national congress of people with disabilities where international facilitators experienced with the topic also took part. The goal of the congress was to let the national confederations of PWDs know about the constitution of rights for people with disabilities worldwide, this also meant talking about certain terminology in the national constitution thought to be discriminative and even offensive. Many activities took place to focus on the deficiencies of our constitution and suggest improvements so that in the future these can be talked about with the government and finally get to change them. I learned a lot about the rights of people with disabilities, and met a lot of people from different parts of the country that have many stories to tell and reflect on. One of them was the story of a man in Pando who told me about how people with disabilities there don’t have a professional diagnosis of their disability and don’t have health insurance, and regarding their rights they don’t have any, or actually they are not even taking into consideration for example in legal cases a person with a visual disability can’t testify, as I mentioned earlier on the paragraph they are not taken into consideration.

On the other hand we have been planning the different activities for Best Buddies Bolivia, so that we can start calling young students from Catolica Boliviana San Pablo University to become part of this programme. We had the dancing activity and the registration of people who wish to be a part of the Friend For Ever programme and that further on they can take the lead of the volunteering with more people.

To the moment I feel happy with what I am doing, but I definately think I can do more activities from which I’ll learn more about this world that works fot the inclusion of people with disabilities. 

Blog by: Alejandro Cosulich

Translated by: Emma Nowotny Villegas

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