Thursday, October 1, 2015

This cohort already started with a lot of activities for the INCLUSION team!!!

The Volunteer and Participation for Inclusion Project began the last cohort in this year and I'm excited to work with this group of volunteers.

My name is Raquel Peña and I have been working in the Project as a team leader for six months, the project aims to strengthen the national volunteering through organizations that works with vulnerable populations and those at risk of social exclusion.

Mainly we work with people with disabilities and parents of children with cancer, the partner organizations are:

• Best Buddies Bolivia, working with people with intellectual disabilities.
• Aprecia, working with children and youth with visual and multiple disabilities.
• Despertares, working with children with physical and multiple disabilities.
• Agora, working with adults with disabilities.
• Lurañani, working with people with intellectual disabilities and
• AVCCI, who works with parents of children with cancer

On September 21st we started the cohort and I am very happy to introduce the team of volunteers who will work on the project for three months:

Beth, David, Josh, Tita, Cami, Stu, Gaby, James, Ceci, Anna, Roger y Katie,  all with a lot of energy, and willingness to work with an open  mind and  heart to achieve this challenge. 
After a week of induction, a lot of information and satisfaction of winning the photographic Rally against the other four teams of ICS, last weekend we took a trip with the buddies to the town of Palca, we enjoyed sharing time with them, to got to know them a bit more and specially prepare ourselves to spread a lot of information on television, radio and newspapers on the rights of people with disabilities, because October is the month of disability in Bolivia, and is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the situation of disabled people in Bolivia and with them take actions to generate change beginning with ourselves.

I am very excited to know what lies ahead for this cohort, each of the volunteers is very special and has different skills, abilities and experience that I'm sure will make this cohort a very enriching experience, full of learning and good memories.


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