Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tita tell us about her experience working with Best Buddies

This last couple of weeks have been very different from most of the cohort, I think that the team work has improved and that we are all more adjusted as the buddies are also. We decided to have new workshops, Joe did a presentation about the need to have a good diet and how to do this. After that we prepared the cooking workshops which included money management and the possibility of cooking without any other help. Plus the ingredients were a mix of all the food groups that a person needs to have an appropriate nourishment. It was really nice, the buddes enjoyed all the process, going to the market, buying ingredients, cutting stuff up and then sharing. Gaby and Usiel are usually very quiet but those days they were more into than other days.

We also had the training that we were supposed to have before with students in El Alto. This was something that all the team was really interested on doing in a long time before. The first workshop was about disabilities, what is disabilities, the infrastructure, communicational and attitudinal barriers, and the types of disabilities as well. This workshop was with 15 students that are about 16 years old. This training included a presentation and a few games to really represent each subject, for them to understand and be able to repeat it with other classmates. At the end they had to do a cardboard of all the things they had learned. Then on our second workshop we had a lot more people, there was about 30 students. It was about human rights and health rights. The process was pretty much the same though since they were more it would have been much better with more time. Both times most of the students were very interested, taking part and responding how we expected. Also the gringos were feeling like rock stars with that much attention.

A lot of the students in El Alto agreed to be volunteers on their own school and community. That means that they are going to use the guides for each workshop we gave and have it again in each of their classes. And we are committed to have more workshops with the next volunteers. To wrap things up with this group we painted a mural inside one classroom. It was a really nice day, it was snowing outside and although my team leader and I were really excited about it we couldn’t do it on an outside wall. But our painting brightened up the room, also everybody was trying to get involved, even though there wasn’t enough space or brushes we made it happen. Then Sam and Joe started teaching Scotish and Chinese dances to the students, and the students showed them and Reuben the Tinku and Cueca.

Since the beginning although I did expect to see results, I knew it’s not easy to be the witness of great changes because of what you try. But I can really say that what we did is part of something that can be very big. All of the people we had worked with have a lot of potential and we have grown too, so I think it’s possible to do things starting with something little. This has been an amazing journey we have shared a lot of moments, happy, challenging, extremely cold, some just very weird but more than anything we had many, many laughs.

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