Friday, July 3, 2015

Introducing the new team for volunteering and participation for inclucion.

I would like to introduce the new team for Cohort 13 Volunteering and participation for inclusion.

I few things have changed this cohort we now have double the number of volunteers in our team. We have divided the volunteers into two groups one will be working with me on the Action against childhood cancer team.

There are eight volunteers in my team 4 British and 4 Bolivian

The British volunteers are

Sarra Salim Megan  Walton Monique Edar and Sarra Najjar

And the Bolivia volunteers are

Fabiola Patci Miguel Cornejo  Saul Alcala and Adriana Reljan

We will be working alongside AVCCI organizing events to raise awareness and 10 percent for health which is a campaign here to try and get the Bolivian government to dedicate 10 percent of their budget to health care. We are also running activities and workshops for parents and their children to inform them of the benefits of a healthy diet. During these workshops we will also be running emotional support workshops for the parents.
We will be kept busy this cohort. I am really happy with my team and I think that we are going to achieve this.

Raquel Pena will now be working with Best buddies Bolivia also with a team of 7 volunteers

The in country volunteers

Cecelia ,Eric,

And the British volunteers

Reuben Mc garry Kimberly Pored and Joseph Lambert
They will be working with people here in Bolivia designing workshops to help them with their independence and ability to get around La paz on their own by public transport. They will be participating in awareness raising events to help raise awareness of the importance of inclusion.

We cant wait to get started and we are sure that this is going to be a successful cohort. 

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