Friday, April 17, 2015

Mateo Vera National volunteer for Volunteering and participation for inclusion shares his experience on the project

My last cohort 12

As I remember all the good and pleasant moments iv had with International Citizen Service UNAIS, still thinking it was yesterday when I went as an intern in communication for the Urban Agriculture project and I was lucky enough to join the ICS program as Technical Cooperate. It was a challenge for me,I had try to always have a high and positive attitude. After eight months working within the office I started on a new project called Volunteering and Participation for inclusion , working with partners Best Buddies Bolivia (People with intellectual disabilities) and AVCCI (Association of Volunteer Against Childhood Cancer). It was then that I realized that to improvise you have to have knowledge and truth is that only knowledge will make us free.

We are now in week 3 and on behalf of the team I can say we have the enthusiasm and energy to meet our goals in this time, we currently have planned 8 workshops with AVCCI partner, 3 Nutrition 3 on emotional restraint and 2 outpatient workshops. We have also been visiting the oncology ward of the hospital organizing distracting activities for the children and parents in addition to Action Friday at the Hospital.
With the Best Buddies partner have planned 28 workshops, divided into four groups depending on the ability of the buddies we have four workshops per week the topic is money management. We are also going to coordinate the official launch of Best Buddies Bolivia and Awareness event that will mark the official unveiling of BBB to the public.

In my experience as a volunteer I see a very active group eager to learn and give all of themselves. in the two months we have left, I am sure that we will meet the expectations of the Partner, the community and the project.

Wishing you all the positive energy and luck in our present and future projects I leave grateful for the three minutes of attention paid to my blog.

Mateo Vera De La Vega

Cooperating Technical Volunteering and Participation for Inclusion

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