Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Introducing the team for Volunteering and participating for inclusion cohort 12

I am very happy to introduce the team for volunteering and participating for inclusion cohort 12.

We are very lucky to have some really enthusiastic and experienced volunteers this cohort. We will be working with two of International services partner organizations AVCCI action against childhood Cancer. And Best buddies Bolivia.

Myself and Raquel pena are project coordinators.

Raquel worked as a cooperante tecnico for over a year (in country volunteer) She has worked with up close Bolivia another of international services partners who support people with disabilities and young people.
She graduated from university as a philologist and has spent some time volunteering with UNICEF working with children specializing in emotional support. Raquel has also worked with women who have suffered physical violence.

I am a returned volunteer, last year I worked with international service with there partner FOCAPACI. At home I work with children and young adults effected by Autism spectrum conditions. I was diagnosed with Asbergers Syndrome a form of Autism as a child and had difficulties thought my childhood mainly due to poor understanding of my condition within the School system, this led me to pursue a career working with people with disabilities. I am also a public speaker I have presented talks to education and health professionals about living with a Autism spectrum disorder to help them better understand the condition.
I am very happy about working with our project partners as it is something that is very close to my heart, and I really believe in the work we are doing here in Bolivia.

Our two cooperante tecnicos are Mateo and Debbie

Mateo studied cinematography at diakonia university he has been with International service for around eleven months. Mateo is an invaluable part of the team he has amazing knowledge of La Paz and Bolivia. He has an extremely positive attitude and is always smiling this is very important for us because during the course of this cohort we will be working in a difficult environment within the hospital. Mateo is able to work under these conditions and will be a great example for the rest of the team. Mateo will be filming our journey thought the course of cohort 12 so look out for that in the future.

Debbie is a physiologist she has worked with AVCCI during a previous cohort. Debbie has also worked with people with schizophrenia through art therapy. She was the head of guidance in a high school in La paz. Debbie started with International service in May last year and has worked with inclusion SOS aldeas infantiles Children villages and the Zebras.

We have six UK national volunteers this Cohort each bringing their own unique set of skills and knowledge to the table.

Zeeshan is a philology graduate from Manchester metropolitan. He has worked in a school for people on the autism spectrum for a year and a half mainly with young people between the ages of 14 and 16 Zeshan has a lot of experience with different kinds of techniques for helping people with disabilities.

Sean is a music Graduate from London he has experience in music therapy he also has completed a deloma in journalism. He has worked as a football coach and a swimming teacher in the past and has a lot of experience working with children.

Natalie has worked in care for 7 years within a residential setting she has provided one to one support to people with Autism learning disabilities and Down syndrome. She has worked with people with complex needs and behaviour problems She was also a pre School assistant at a main stream School

Cerian has worked in a hospital with in the catering department she has been a volunteer within a residential Care home Supporting young Stroke victims and people with physical disabilities. During high School she offered her spare time to help her peers with there numeracy and literacy skills. She has been part of a fund raising committee were she helped raised money for the Home were she volunteers.

Kelley graduated with a Ba with Honers Degree in Education and SEN. She has experience as a classroom assistant in a mainstream school which also caters for children with Autism. She is a volunteer for the Deaf blind society and the COS group. She has worked with people with main different kinds of disabilities and has also volunteered with Camp America.

Elisabeth has been working for the last three years as an English as a second Language teacher in Spain and turkey were she taught children from the ages of 2 to 18 helping them improve there English through project based learning. She has experience in providing respite care for a family who have two children with Autism she has excrescence in providing emotional support and planing activities she also volunteered at her local food bank were she helped people with metal health problems and sign posted individuals to support and organizations within her local area.

Ernesto is doing his internship with International Service he is studding at the university Catolica in La paz. He is filming the volunteers progress through the ICS scheam by recording the various activity’s and workshops they create and facilitate. Ernesto has already completed a video for Best Buddies Bolivia that showcases the previous cohorts excrescence this is extremely useful as it shows clearly the work that the ICS scheme can accomplish in a short space of time. Ernesto is going to take a bigger role on deciding the communications process here in International service Bolivia.

We are all really exited to start the project we will be posting blogs every week to keep you all up to date on our activities. 

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