Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Budz's Photo Diary

I’m Bhadrita Bhundia (Budz) volunteering with International Service in Bolivia. The project I work in is Strengthening Families, SOS. Currently I have been working in a children centre, Cinco Dedos, 3 days a week with another volunteer, Jo. This blog shows a typical day working with SOS.
The first day in Bolivia, even though we were exhausted from the flight we still managed to have an interview by Mateo
Still smiling after a long flight
The views were breathtaking (literally)
This has to be my favourite picture of the mountain
This is the first time that we met the Zebras, they were so friendly, I looked forward being a zebra for a day

The reanactment of the war and the drug trade proved to be very funny yet informative
The cooperantes were showing us the different traditional dances around Bolivia
This is the centre that Jo and I work in 3 mornings a week
Even with the language barrier, we are still able to communicate with the children and explain what the activity is

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