Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kirsty´s photo diary

As an individual who had never previously worked with children, particularly children as young as 2 and 3, I was very hesitant about working with children from an entirely different culture. On arrival into my centre in San Antonio, my hesitations immediately left me, as the children welcomed me with open arms! Rather than the shy, compliant children I had expected, I soon realised that the children were as excited to know me, as I was to know them! I facilitated a nutrition lesson on fruit, and another on vegetables. It was great seeing the children get so involved in my activities! The children at the centres are so open and accepting of new people and learning. At the Hospital Del Ninos, we play games and take part in activities that make them smile and laugh. The children at the hospital certainly seemed to enjoy our sillyness and our presence there was again, welcomed with open arms.


Created by Kirsty Hegarty 

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