Friday, August 2, 2013

Colourful Characters in the Childrens´ Centre

I spent this week in 27 de Mayo centre, helping the madre [educator] execute her lesson plans to children aged 2-5. The centre is full of different characters, not dissimilar to those you might meet in a nursery in the UK, whom I have slowly gotten to know quite well. There's your token cute little kid who constantly shouts 'MANO MANO MANO' at me until I hold her hand. There's the highly disruptive naughty niño who is forever attempting to escape the centre (I actually found him hiding in a bin yesterday). I'm always trying to get him inside and when I finally do bring him back, he pounces to the ground and screams so loud that the other children quickly resort to covering their ears. Of course my mouse like 'basta' [enough] doesn't really do much. Then there's the class chubby child, always covered in snot, sniggering, and the first to put his soup bowl to his mouth and scream 'SEGUNDO?!' [seconds]. One of the youngest kids is the classic fighter, running around buzzing with energy, punching the air and making exaggerated gun noises. Each and every one has their own spark and character, and I've grown fond of them all, which is why I was  so excited to start my first lesson.

I went through body parts with the children to aid their learning and understanding of the human body. This involved running through the correct names and reiterated ´left´ and ´ right´, while the children grouped around. They then all worked together to colour in different body parts all labelled in Spanish. It's fascinating how absorbed children get by colouring. Even though it's always messy they tend to breathe heavily, taking the colouring pencil really slowly to get it as perfect as they can (class chubby child flashing some concentrated saliva too). Everything went quite smoothly with the task. After the colouring in I stuck all the body parts together to create a little life size niño. The children were quick to name him 'Favio'. We stuck Favio to the wall and, as I keenly stuck thousands of pins on it to keep it secure, I turned around and saw the children pointing and saying the different parts of the body. I felt so pleased that I had contributed towards the childrens' learning!  

The day got even better as we had to practice for a dance performance the children were performing in October. The song is Bailando Saya by Santaya, and it is a great boogie. The kids love dancing! Even the boys all got involved and it was nice to have 10 minutes with everyone concentrating! There's something about little children dancing that is really sweet and heartwarming. I also thoroughly enjoyed the routine and the music, maybe more so than the kids.

The day ended and I was pleased with the outcome. I feel like the children learned something and I'm excited to continue to aid in furthering their education. I said my ciaos and left, with a quick glance at Favio on the wall, who was missing a foot. Naughty niño.

Written by Mariam Malik
Edited by Sarah Cassidy  

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