Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dia de la Madre

In Bolivia, Mother’s Day (Día de la Madre) is celebrated on the 27th of May. I am working at Rosasani Centre, where we held an event in aid of Mother’s Day.

Preparation for the event included preparing a song, learning a few national dances and making flowers made of recyclable materials. As I arrived on Friday, children had their hair done and they were just waiting to get dressed into amazingly colourful costumes. Educators were finishing off the flowers which were given to the children’s mothers later on.  It was a great experience to see the little children dancing in their outfits, especially for their mums.

Rosasani children in traditional Paceño dress performing the Chutas style of dance which is usually seen during Carnival

Earlier in the week, one of the educators asked me if I would like to dress up as a “Cholita” and dance with them and I said I would love to! So, I had a claret cholita skirt, cholita shoes, a brown scarf and French plaits with extra accessories at the end and a hat typical to the cholitas. I can now say that I know a cholita’s skirt has four layers with lace and that the actual skirt comes over the top of those layers! The skirts are below the waist and it is quite heavy to wear. After few minutes of dancing in the outfit, I felt really out of breath. But I really enjoyed this unique experience!

picture number 2
Marta dressed as a cholita at Rosasani centre

There were some games prepared by the educators for the mothers, such as an egg and spoon race and a potato peeling competition as well as activities involving music and their hair. The mothers seemed to enjoy the games and there were some prizes for the winners.
Afterwards, our great cook Rosa made some dinner for everyone which included potatoes, beef, plantain and salad. Afterwards, the children gave the flowers to their mums and the mothers had a little gift for each educator (who are all women). I could tell that the relationship between the community and the educators is really good.

Flowers made for the Mother's

 The flowers the children made for their Mothers
A few days later, the educators asked me if I can make a copy of the pictures and short videos of the children dancing that I took on the day. So my job for now is to copy them to DVD for them to keep for posterity!

Mothers playing Musical Chairs. Feliz día de la madre!

Written by Marta Wierzbowska
Edited by Liam Hilton

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